Habits You Didn’t Know are Hurting Your Back

Habits You Didn’t Know are Hurting Your BackBenefits of Chiropractic Care for Children

Back pain is one of the leading reasons why people seek out medical help. More than half of those who experience pain and discomfort in the lower back revealed that the symptoms they are experiencing cause a disruption to their daily routines.

There are a number of possible causes why back pain occurs. Many experts believe that it is rarely a result of a single catastrophic event. Rather, many specialists in the field consider it to be the cause of several situations, which in the long run, have combined to create discomfort and pain. In fact, many of your seemingly trivial daily habits are slowly but surely taking a toll on your back health over time.

Sitting for too long

This is somehow very hard to avoid especially since most people these days are tied to their desks. As it turns out, sitting causes 40 percent more pressure on the spine than standing. If sitting for long hours during the day cannot be avoided, making it a point to stand and walk around every so often is advised. Investing on a chair that supports the lower back and the spine is also ideal

Skipping workout sessions

About 40 percent of the people who start experiencing symptoms of back pain opt to stop working out altogether. While most think that this is a way to avoid causing any more physical stress to the body, this is actually counterproductive to the healing process. In fact, there are those that ended up worsening their condition due to inactivity. Sufferers of back pain should instead focus on low impact exercises such as frequent walks as it helps ease stiffness.

Bad positioning of your car seat

With the amount of time people often spend behind the wheels on their daily commute, it is not hard to see how a slumping posture can lead to or aggravate back pain. You need to adjust your car seat so instead of hunching over the wheels, you get a 90-degree angle sitting position- a simple solution to avoid that pestering neck and back pain.

Eating a poor diet

Your eating habits can increase the possibility of you experiencing back pain. Many of those who suffer from the condition also suffer from clogged arteries. It is essential to maintain healthy circulation to bring necessary nutrients to the spine to keep it healthy. This is why paying heed to what you are eating is crucial so as to promote not just a good weight and a good heart, but a good back as well.

Toting around a heavy bag

The back damage that an overloaded bag can cause may actually be comparable to any sports injury. The shoulders tend to get imbalanced when carrying around an overstuffed bag and that causes undue pressure to the spine. Making this a daily habit is only going to result in back problems.

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